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Zimbabwe boasts with several tourist attractions, the main attraction being the marvellous Victoria falls. The Victoria Falls National Park is also a tourist attraction and is one of the eight main National Parks in Zimbabwe, the largest being Hwange National Park.

Zimbabwe has a tropical climate with many local variations. The southern areas are known for their heat and aridity, parts of the central plateau receive frost in winter, the Zambezi valley is also known for its extreme heat and the Eastern Highlands usually experience cool temperatures and the highest rainfall in the country. The country's rainy season generally runs from late October to March and the hot climate is moderated by increasing altitude.

English is the main language used in the education and judiciary systems. English is spoken primarily in the cities, but less so in rural areas. The Zimbabwean dollar is no longer a valid currency and almost all transactions are conducted in US Dollars. The currencies presently used in Zimbabwe include US Dollars and South African Rand. Make sure you have a sufficient amount of foreign currency in your possession, prior to entering the country.

Areas in Zimbabwe are considered malaria zones; thus, it is recommended that you consult your physician on the correct preventative medication required before you travel.

Please note that camouflage clothing is banned in Zimbabwe. As a guide, the maximum weight for checked luggage is 20kg in economy class and 30kg in business class and your hand-luggage should not weigh more than 6kg and needs to be small and compact. Casual, comfortable clothing is suitable throughout the year. Sunglasses, suntan lotion and insect repellent are a must. Some sturdy walking shoes and don’t forget your binoculars.

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